What does the State Board of Education do?

  • Decides what curriculum standards (TEKS) will be taught and what textbooks Texas children use that implement those curriculum standards. Will wants all stakeholders to be involved and lines of communication to be open amongst parents, students, educators, subject matter experts, elected officials and school districts on these matters.
  • Oversees the $44 billon Permanent School Fund and distributions for the 5.4 million students of Texas.

Why elect Will Hickman to the Texas Board of Education?

  • He has positive and compelling vision for the future of education in Texas, where every student will have a customized “Flight Plan” to achieve their own American Dream.
  • He has a strong record of reaching out to people of different cultures, perspectives and political views to work together to solve big challenges facing the community.
  • He understands and is highly qualified to take action on today’s educational priorities and challenges, with over 20 years of business, legal, political, and investment experience.

What is Will Hickman’s vision of the future of education in Texas?

Will’s vision for Texas is that all students are positioned with:

  • The knowledge needed to be informed, thoughtful and productive individuals and citizens;
  • The skills required to start a career, enroll in technical certification programs, enlist in the military, or enroll in a 2-year or 4-year college; and
  • A Flight Plan, with a customized, attainable path to a fulfilling, sustainable career.

What are Will Hickman’s educational priorities?

  • Identify and implement innovative strategies to foster high quality education that includes reading, communication, math, and science proficiency, as well as knowledge of civics, history, financial literacy, problem solving and employability skills (such as critical thinking, interpersonal skills, time management and perseverance).
  • Leverage educational, public service and professional learnings and experiences to build a consensus of parents, educators, subject matter experts, and other board members to develop and approve curricula and standards and to approve instructional materials that will best prepare Texas children for the future.
  • Empower families to choose a high-quality education that meets their child’s unique needs, which includes allowing access to educational choice and charter schools.
  • Provide students with disabilities and/or economic disadvantages the opportunities, resources and appropriate support for meaningful and ambitious educational outcomes.
  • Ensure a safe, positive, and respectful school environment that values all students and teachers.