Flight Plans

Houston, we have a problem… or maybe an opportunity!

Will Hickman for State Board of Education, District 6

Public education in Texas is a $28 billion industry that educates 5.4 million students.  One of the metrics Texas uses to measure the success of our educational system is “Career, College and Military Readiness.”  In other words, are Texas students prepared for upon graduation to enroll in technical certification programs, military training programs, or college? Unfortunately, Texas currently has an “F”, with only 54% of our graduating students being prepared for career, college, or military, while 46% are not. As a parent, I am troubled about what the future holds for the 46%, and as a taxpayer, I wonder whether this $28 billion is being spent in the best way.

It is time for a change! I believe in the American Dream and that education can be used to achieve our dreams.  Since each student has a different dream, high school should be personalized and customized so each student can achieve their own dreams. Each student will have their own “Flight Plan” for their future. It is time to identify and implement innovative yet proven educational strategies to elevate that 54% number of prepared graduates.

For example, if elected, I will work with my State Board of Education colleagues, the Texas Education Agency, and our elected officials to design a new course for all Texas 8th graders.  This course will include a process for students to learn about many different career options, to be tested to identify their interests and aptitudes, and then to work with their counselors to build a personalized, customized individual high school plan that positions each student to achieve his or her dreams.  Many ISD’s are already doing parts of this, and best practices across the state can be utilized and incorporated into a state-wide plan. 

This is just one example of how we can improve our educational system. For more thoughts, please visit my website at willhickmancampaign.com.

We are all proud Texans and love our state.  Let’s work together to have an education system that matches the greatness of Texas.  If you would like to help in this important work, please connect at willhickmancampaign.com or at facebook.com/willhickmancampaign